Heavy Duty aluminum towers 52 cm section

Aluminum heavy duty tower, 52 cm side, maximum height 16 meters, capacity 3000 kg
Technical information

Main tubes Ø 60x5 mm
Diagonals Ø 50x3 mm / Ø 30x3 mm

Connection system
Fork connection, pins with "R" clips

Natural aluminum or customized painting

Ideal for fixed installations, entertainment facilities, all those jobs that require a great deal
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The new FH52 T tower has been designed to be used with trusses of the FH52Q series

The new sliding corner block allows to connect trusses of section 106 (F106R)
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  • CF / P.IVA 04204810404
  • Cap. soc. € 100.000,00 i.v.
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