Code: PM400

Manual pantograph

Highly recommended for small to medium-sized television studios up to a height of 7.5 metres. Made of aluminum, their double rib design ensures maximum stability.
Drop Adjustment Telescopic P.O.
Rope safety factor 10
Maximum capacity 40 kg
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Codice Descrizione
PM400X20 Manual pantograph PO 2m drop (WLL 40kg) - (M/F 28-29mm)
PM400X30 Manual pantograph PO 3m drop (WLL 40kg) - (M/F 28-29mm)
PM400X40 Manual pantograph PO 4m drop (WLL 40kg) - (M/F 28-29mm)
PM400X50 Manual pantograph PO 5m drop (WLL 40kg) - (M/F 28-29mm)
PM400X60 Manual pantograph PO 6m drop (WLL 40kg) - (M/F 28-29mm)
PM400X85 Manual pantograph PO 8,5m drop (WLL 40kg) - (M/F 28-29mm)
PM400X90 Manual pantograph PO 9m drop (WLL 40kg) - (M/F 28-29mm)
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