Divo THREE 1000kg D8 4m/min

  • Code: DLA1000
  • Category : D8
Code: DLA1000

Electric chain hoist, direct tension, aluminum body, chain guide system designed to reduce jamming risk, double swivel hook.
Complies with the IGVW SQP2 guideline
Load capacity 1000 kg
Lifting speed at 50 Hz 4m / min
Operating voltage 400V 50 Hz
Protection Class IP 55 DIN 40050
Motor power at 50 Hz 0.72 kW
FEM Class 1Bm
DC braking system 1 brake
Noise level <67.5 dB (full load)
Loading wheel 5 pockets
RUD® Load chain 6,3x19 mm
Number of chains 1
Chain weight 0.86 kg / m
Weight of the body -
Type of control Direct Control
Type of connector | Red Plug 400V EEC 16 A - 3P + T
Climbing use permitted
Safety factor 5: 1
End Stroom Stromag® with 4 switches Optional
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  • Cap. soc. € 100.000,00 i.v.
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